100% additive free Kratom with a full lab screen delivered with every jar




1. Flip over your Ketoret Bio jar and find the 6 lot number (printed on the bottom in yellow ink)
2. Input that LOT N into the search box above
3. Press ‘Search’ to authenticate the product
4. A custom COA will show up for your product

Learn how Ketoret Bio is committed to bring you the highest quality Kratom

  • N100% Natural
  • N3rd Party Lab Tested
  • NNo added fillers

We discovered that in the Kratom industry, customers were not satisfied with brands that did not consistently manufacture good quality products. More often than not, customers that switched to KetoretBio Kratom stopped purchasing other brands because they lacked the quality control, safety measures, and transparency.

In fact, Ketoret Bio was the first Kratom company in the country to add a QR code into each of their packages. All a customer needs to do is scan the QR code and enter the lot number on the bottom of their jar. A custom certificate of analysis (COA) pulls right up. We continue to spare no expense when it comes to 3rd party analysis and testing and we proudly furnish these test results on our website for all customers to view. By truly listening to our customers’ requests and asking them “what do you want in a Kratom product?” We acknowledge the need to advocate for the regulation and safety of the handling and manufacturing of Kratom.