The Kratom Revolution Has Begun

Ketoret Bio gives you the freedom to know exactly what is inside every jar you purchase. 

Industry Leading Transparency You Can Trust

100% additive free Kratom with a full lab screen delivered with every jar.

Proudly Made in The USA

Ketoret Bio has made a significant investment to ensure that all our products are processed, tested, and manufactured right here in the USA

Mission Statement

Our mission at Ketoret Bio is to provide the highest quality, all natural Kratom the world has to offer. Our team of Kratom specialists met with dozens of independent farmers across Southeast Asia and made no compromises over the course of many months until we found the right partners who had the right growing experience, quality standards, and love for Kratom enjoyed by millions of people for so many centuries. Our goal is to spread awareness of this botanical specimen by taking the extra step and committing to test every single batch by a certified 3rd party laboratory.  We want our customers to feel assured, knowing that every jar of Ketoret Bio Kratom contains nothing else but 100% pure tested kratom.

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